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Why Staging Your Home is So Important

The real estate market in Fernandina Beach has been on fire as of late. It is a seller’s market due to a limited amount of inventory, and a surplus of buyers looking to purchase in Nassau County. Though the market is favorable for sellers, not all homes are feeling the same amount of attention from interested buyers. Some homes are receiving multiple offers within the first week of being listed, while other homes have received no interest in months. Someone who is interested in purchasing a home wants that property that really stands out from the rest. This can be accomplished with minor upgrades and quality staging. According to a recent study done by the Real Estate Staging Association, homes that are staged prior to going on the market sell 73% faster than homes that are not staged.  

What is Staging?

Staging a home is the process by which you go about to make a residential home more appealing to potential buyers. This can be accomplished by re-arranging furniture, removing clutter, painting, minor upgrades, installing new carpet/floors, fixtures, and thorough cleaning. There are many ways to stage a home both on a limited budget and with an aggressive budget. The end goal is to spark interest and provide visually appealing spaces where potential buyers can see the potential of a home’s layout and take emotional possession of the home.

De-Clutter Your Home

This is probably the most important step in staging a home. You always want to remove excess clutter. A home that is cluttered makes the home look smaller, darker, and dirty. Remove unnecessary items from countertops, tabletops, excessive furniture, and trinkets. The goal is to showcase the space as open and clean. Don’t forget your closets, people want to see what every inch of a home’s space looks like. Closets are a must for a growing family and you want to make sure you declutter them so a potential buyer can visualize their stuff in those spaces. Once the home has been decluttered you can begin the staging process.

Furniture Staging and Decor

Staging does not need to cost a lot of money. Most homes have the necessary furniture and décor, they just need to be properly displayed to get the maximum visual impact. You will want to focus on the most important rooms in a home, the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen. The areas where a potential buyer will be spending most of their time.

Living Room Staging

Staging the living room can consist of strategically placing furniture to enhance a view or the entertainment center or fireplace. Include a nice area rug, simple décor, neutral color hanging photos, and throw pillows to bring the rooms colors together.

Master Bedroom Staging

The master bedroom you will want to showcase as elegant and spacious. The main staging items will be the bed, side tables, and master bath. Place a nice bedspread with throw pillows. Clear off nightstands of any clutter, possibly add a throw rug, and hang pictures. In the master bath add new towels in the corner of the tub or hang them on a towel rack. Maybe place a nice candle or two around the tub. Clean off your bathroom countertops of any unnecessary items. Make sure the tub and shower stay clean at all times.

Kitchen Staging

In the kitchen make sure all appliances are clean. Remove whatever you can from the countertops that are not necessary, as to display the amount of space available. Maybe add a nice fruit bowl for some décor.

Get Professional Photos of Your Home

Like most consumers, we do most of our research online. That is why professional photos of a staged home will do wonders sparking interest and help bring in those interested buyers through your front door. A professional photographer will come into your home, maximize the lighting, and showcase the best-designed areas of your home. Your goal is to have your listing stand out from the other homes that are currently on the market. Professionally taken photographs of a staged home will give you the leg up you need.

Why Choose Summer House Realty?

At Summer House Realty we have years of experience dealing with both buyers and sellers. We understand what motivates buyers and apply that knowledge to assist our sellers in maximizing their home’s potential. If you are in the market to sell your home and need professional assistance from an experienced Realtor in Fernandina Beach, call Summer House Realty today (904) 557-3020.