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Ways to Attract the Perfect Homebuyer in a Challenging Real Estate Market

The housing market always goes through cycles. Buying and selling real estate can be easy and enjoyable, or it can be a very difficult process. The height of the pandemic saw frenzied buying that gradually cooled off. In a buyer’s market, sellers may face so much competition that it’s not even worth going on the market. But what if you really need to sell and move? Can you find a buyer for your house? Can you do anything to make your listing more attractive? Here are some of the best ways to give your property the edge.

First, do your own research. If you’re already working with an agent, they can provide you with comparable listings. These properties that are similar to yours will give you an idea of how unique, or how average, your home is. Make good use of this tool. It will help you see areas where your property could stand out as special.

If you’re still undecided about going on the market, you can find comparable listings by entering the specifics of your home into any online real estate search tool. Start with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and a wide approximate price range. If you’re up against several similar properties, it’s time to dig deeper. Check for the property’s age, whether it’s been remodeled, and how many are in your neighborhood or general location.

It’s useful to imagine yourself as a buyer while you’re doing this research. Think of a few keywords to help you narrow down what you’d be searching for in a particular property. Now you know what your competition looks like.

Second, identify your house’s unique features. In a flood of available listings, you may want to advertise for a specific niche. Think outside the box and see what you can come up with. You might value your house because it’s close to excellent schools. If 10 other homes in your area are already on the market and not moving, schools might not be your best-selling point.

Is your house all on one level? No steps to the front door? Does it have wide doorways? A large bathroom with a walk-in shower? If that’s the case, your property may be handicap accessible without any remodeling. That is truly unique and worth highlighting in your listing.

Other features you don’t tend to notice yourself can be valuable, too. A home that has never been smoked in and has no heavy odor from cooking, pets, or essential oils. A savvy buyer knows that ridding a home of unpleasant odors is a chore and may not be worth the expense. If your home is super clean and fragrance-free, make it a part of its unique appeal.

Third, communicate openly with your realtor. These busy and experienced professionals are highly motivated. They will expect to do everything for you. Your agent will take pictures, write a listing advertisement, and field questions from other agents and buyers. They’ll work hard to show your property in the best light.

Should you be involved in the advertising process? Absolutely! Without doing the job for them, don’t be shy about expressing why you think your property is unique and valuable. Be willing to give suggestions on what aspects of your property you’d like to feature in the listing and discuss it with your agent. After all, they know real estate, but you know why your house is worth buying.

Ask how you can best present your property before the professional listing pictures are taken. It’s inconvenient to have all your belongings put away while you’re still living in the house, but rooms that look small and crowded detract from the appeal. Just boxing up a few things and storing them tidily in a garage or shed can make a big difference. Your realtor will be glad you asked for advice on how to show your property to its best advantage.  

Finally, be willing to adjust your expectations if you’re trying to sell in a buyer’s market. The reality is that you probably won’t get the price you’re hoping for. Acknowledge that you might not be able to sell quickly and set your price realistically in the first place. Offers may fall through as the buyers’ financial expectations don’t materialize. Be prepared to be patient and keep improving your property so that each showing is better than the last.

Identify flaws honestly and deal with them. Be sure that the property is clean and clutter-free. People will open cabinets and drawers and closets, so keep them neat and well organized. Listen to any feedback from the buyers’ agents and be ready to make changes to the basic appearance, landscaping, or accessibility of your property.

Even in a buyer’s market, you can take steps to make your property more attractive and unique. With research, imagination, and good communication with your realtor, you can still find that perfect buyer. A little extra work and patience will all be worthwhile when you get a successful sale.

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