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Top 10 tips for staging your home to SELL!

Let’s get straight to it! Our best advice in a nutshell is to picture a home that you have rented for the week- how would you want it to look, smell and feel when you walk in? Below is a list of basic but very helpful tips that will add to the success of your showings, marketing and house being sold!

1. Take down your pictures!
Let’s face it- you’ve spent a fortune on these beautiful works Art- and you’re proud of them- but it is proven that when buyers are looking at your home- they spend time looking at your pictures just as much- let’s not distract them and keep them in buying mode.

2. Pack up 50% of your decor.

You are planning on moving right? Go ahead and start packing. Going with the minimalistic approach makes a successful photo session for marketing and allows the buyer to picture their own decor in the house.

3. Clean clean clean!

This goes without saying but don’t forget these items:

  • ⋅ blinds
  • ⋅ fridge shelves
  • ⋅ fans
  • ⋅ VENTS!
  • ⋅ light switches
  • ⋅ baseboards
  • ⋅ window sills
  • ⋅ shower floors (no mold allowed!)
  • ⋅ entry door
  • ⋅ have carpets/tile grout professionally cleaned

4. Organize ALL storage spaces

Buyers want to feel that there is a surplus of storage. A huge bonus is having a little ‘extra’ room still available in every drawer and closet. If you are packed to the brim- they will feel that the space is too small. Leave an opening in your clothes or linen closets for a HUGE visual subliminal effect.

5. Straighten up that fancy garage

Most people can’t park in their own garages due to the surplus of household items that spill into their indoor parking- but buyers always look in there! Purchase lots of bins and stack them neatly, group toys and tools- it will help expedite the moving process anyway.

6. Pull up your rugs

Especially if they have heavy patterns. Show off your clean floors and make the room look more spacious!

7. A bit about beds

There is nothing like walking into your hotel room and seeing crisp clean white bedding. Let’s copy that look in your bedrooms. White duvet covers are relatively affordable from target or like stores. White or solid bedding also looks the best in photos!

8. Evidence

Oh no! Doggie water bowls, diaper pails, toy trucks and buckets of blocks- put them out of sight. Group them to a specific room and put away.

9. Pressure wash like it’s going out of style


Pressure washing washes away a multitude of sins! Do the driveway, sidewalks, entry, gutters- anything that needs to sparkle.

10. Scented plug-ins for the grand finale!

Cinnamon smells like home. Have 2 plug-ins and your buyers will appreciate the extra attention.



Photo cred: Steph Owens Photography

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