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Summer House Realty Takes Charleston, SC

Here at Summer House Realty, we are so proud to be a part of Water Mission.

Water Mission is a Charleston-based water filtration non-profit that provides self-sustaining clean water projects to communities worldwide. We first heard about this non-profit when we lived in Augusta, GA and we have been blessed to be able to support them for the last 5 years. We structured Summer House so that a portion of our agent’s commissions that come back to the company are set aside to go straight to Water Mission and we present them a check annually.

Every year we set a goal for Summer House- this year our goal was $50,000- we not only met our goal, we exceeded it and delegated the overage to local nonprofits. As a team-building and eye-opening experience, we travel with the Summer House family every spring to Charleston to get an update from the company, learn how the filtration systems are made and how the hard work from our team and business from our clients impact those in need worldwide. Our favorite part is meeting with the founder and presenting a larger and larger check each year.

The Summer House team – both Augusta & Amelia had an amazing experience seeing the facility and learning about the different systems used. Being able to see where our money is

actually going and hear testimonials from people whose lives have been touched was very powerful. We had some fun team building as well 🙂

After an exciting and moving day at Water Mission Headquarters – the team was able to celebrate and explore beautiful downtown Charleston.

We all headed to our hotel a block from King Street at the Marriott Historic District. Our accommodations here were wonderful with the lobby bar providing great service, delicious food, very comfortable rooms, and a nice pool to hang by.

Night one we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at High Cotton ( – 5 stars. Delicious food, excellent service, and great atmosphere. Such a great dinner celebrating with the team.

It was a wonderful weekend and we look forward to meeting next year’s goal and giving to Water Mission.

Summer House believes that when you work with the mentality that it is not about you, but about others, you will always be successful and have energy and joy knowing that your work goes further. Anyone can start a business, but to create a movement that impacts the world

in such a big way, from our small town, it’s priceless. In 2019, our team’s generation of funds have clean water to a village of over 6,000 people. That’s so exciting! The more we grow, the more we can give back. We look for people with the same vision to be a member of our team.

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