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Summer House Realty – A Green Company

Summer House is always on the search for how we can give back to the community and change the world. We work closely with Water Mission, and Operation Smile; donating a portion of our commissions each year straight to these amazing organizations. Giving back is a foundation to our business- and why we started SHR in the first place! During our day-to-day operations, we make sure we are being intentional about our waste and how to be a green, giveback company. 

Being Environmentally friendly is so important to us, reflecting our “giveback” company culture. We train our employees and Realtors ways that they can reduce waste, reserve water, and use less paper products. 

One of our offices is located on Amelia Island, right in between bustling downtown Fernandina and the beach. SO, we take #savetheturtles to a whole new level.

Our Augusta Office is right off Washington Road, across from the Augusta National Golf Course. You could say we are “green”, next to the greens. 

Our technology-forward values decrease our need for a printer- creating less waste in our company as a whole. We pick up trash, volunteer at cleanups in the community, and recycle. #lovewhereyoulive is not all about buying the nicest house or the best places to go eat around town- it is also about how we can take care of our communities and our Earth! 

As a green company, we eliminate waste by sourcing our daily flagship products to be only recycled, environmentally friendly, or local. From everything to the paper towels we use, to the decor in our office. As a small business that is quickly growing, it is our duty to be leaders and show other businesses that you can succeed and be green at the same time. Call us the lean, mean, green machines!

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