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Selling a Move-in-Ready Home

In normal times, a vacant house or condo should sell easily. A residential property that’s move-in-ready can close escrow very quickly. It should have an edge on the competition. If your vacant home is lingering on the market, then there is something that is not attracting buyers.

The way you present and maintain your property can attract buyers or drive them away. Whether you hire a staging company or not, selling your property will depend on how well it’s taken care of during the time it sits on the market. Let’s consider three things that are essential to selling a vacant residential property.

Invest in Professional Photography

Listing photos are the front line of real estate advertising, either ensuring a showing or making buyers move on without a second look. Professional listing photos will make a vacant property look warm and appealing. They provide an attractive, honest perspective even of empty rooms. If the house is staged with furniture, good photos help the buyer get their first taste of the depth and usability of the home. Buyers want to imagine themselves living in the spaces they see.

A professional real estate photographer will make the exterior of the home and the property stand out beautifully. Any landscaping, good views, or outbuildings can be captured attractively by good pictures. Drone photography, from above or from an angle, is popular for showing the location and approximate property lines.

At Summer House Realty we provide professional photography for every listing we manage. Our clients do not have to worry about anything, as we help schedule, shoot professional photos, and market each home to maximize exposure and interest.

Investors are much more likely to consider properties that are thoroughly and honestly presented in high-quality listing photos. Agents cannot “steer” buyers to one area or another. However, buyers will look at move-in-ready homes in neighborhoods outside their price range or dream location if the photos attract them.

Maintain the Interior of the Structure

The property may have always been well maintained, but sellers should be aware of how quickly a property begins to fall apart once vacated. Depending on the climate, your home could appear to be neglected in a matter of days.

Sellers should expect to continue running the air conditioning or heat at a normal level. You will not save money by turning the temperature down or leaving the AC off. Mold successfully suppressed for years can begin growing and ruin the structure very quickly. Even a few degrees can make a difference.

Once the property is vacant, consider putting air purifiers in the main rooms. This is especially important if the house has odors from pets or smoking. Those smells tend to get worse in a vacant house and become very distasteful.

A dehumidifier is strongly recommended due to the damp weather we tend to get in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. If possible, put a dehumidifier in the home and any garage or outbuildings on the property. You will just want to make sure you go on a regular basis to your home and empty the water from the dehumidifier.

A dry, well-maintained structure will attract buyers and save the seller money in the long run. Take these steps to keep the home from developing an empty, neglected smell and reassure potential buyers that the property is still being well cared for.

Keep Up the Yard and Landscaping

To the extent possible, maintain the exterior of the property in the same condition as it was photographed. Cut the grass, trim the trees, and clean any water features. A vacant property doesn’t need to look vacant.

Regular lawn and yard maintenance will make even a less expensive property look more valuable and attractive. Basic yard service is not prohibitively expensive and is worth the investment. If the owner lives nearby, they can continue to care for the property themselves, ensuring that pride of ownership still shows.

From a small yard to impressive acreage, landscaping, and fencing that are well cared for is a huge selling point. Buyers will be more confident if the house is well-maintained and the grounds are attractive.

It is a unique challenge, but even a property that’s been sitting on the market for some time can be rescued. If necessary, it can be taken off the market, cleaned up, and relisted with new and better photographs. A structure that’s empty can be quickly refreshed with air purifiers and dehumidifiers. Good landscaping and yard maintenance change the whole appearance of a listing and can’t be over-emphasized.

These three basic presentation and maintenance essentials can help anyone sell a vacant home. When sellers put in some money and the effort required to make a vacant property seem warm and appealing, buyers will jump on the chance to get a well-cared-for and move-in-ready home.

Summer House Realty

At Summer House Realty our real estate agents are well-versed in the techniques that assist sellers in selling their homes quickly and at the right price. If you are looking to sell your home and you have already moved out, contact one of our experienced agents for a free consultation. We have two convenient offices. For Florida residents contact our Amelia Island office at (904) 557-3020. For South Georgia residents contact us at (706) 955-6436.

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