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Prioritizing Remodeling Projects to Help Increase Your Home’s Value

When you are ready to sell your house, many sellers have experienced the disappointment of their house not having the value they had hoped for.  In Florida, there are several remodeling projects that you can do which will almost instantly boost your home’s value.  This will help ensure that you can get the most money out of your investment.  Here are the top 5 of those remodeling projects.

Investing in Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the most important gathering places in the house.  Remodeling it can bring in more money when you try to sell.  Having the kitchen totally updated helps potential buyers see more value in your home.  That in turn helps justify a higher price tag when listing it.

Set a budget for your remodel since redoing a kitchen can get pricey.  Plus, you don’t want to make the kitchen seem out of place if other rooms in your house also need renovation.  That sometimes inadvertently will highlight other flaws in your home as well.  Remember to make decisions that will update the kitchen and make it function but within reason since you are planning on selling.

Adding Value with An Addition of a Bathroom

It is very common in older homes for there to only be one bathroom.  In today’s busy family, one bathroom can be very impractical.  By adding an additional bathroom, you can instantly increase your home’s value as well as, make your home more appealing to buyers.  See if there are under-utilized closets or spaces under stairs that can be converted to the extra bathroom space.  By finding already existing spaces within the home, you will save a lot of money and time in your renovation. 

Find Ways to Make Rooms Multipurpose

When buyers are looking for a home, they usually have specific items that they need in a new house.  Sometimes they are looking for office space, a play room for their kids or they may need a room for an elderly parent to move into.  Whatever they are looking for, remodeling a room in your house to be multipurpose can help buyers see the potential for their own needs.  Instead of a 4th bedroom, use it as an office and play room for the kids.  Ultimately, you can increase the value of your home by making a room more multi-functional for the varying needs of potential buyers.

Turn your House into a Money Saver Through Energy Efficiency

By upgrading your home’s energy efficiency, you will increase it’s value to potential buyers.  Replacing leaking windows or spraying insulation in the attic will help the next owner save on energy bills and make your property more desirable for the long term.  That will also help attract environmentally conscious buyers to your property.  Your upgrade may qualify you for a tax credit at the end of the year.  Just an added bonus for your investment. 

Add Entertaining Space with a Deck

With the mild climate in Florida, buyers like finding homes that they can entertain in.  By adding a deck on your home, you increase the entertainment space and bring the outdoors into your house.  The addition of a deck to your property will help potential buyers imagine a lifestyle that includes the outdoors which for so many, instantly increases your property’s value.

In Summary

There is no denying that being strategic in the remodeling of your home can help to boost its value which in turn will put more money in your pocket when you sell.  In today’s competitive market, by doing a renovation, you position your home as more desirable to buyers which in turn should equal a quicker sale. 

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