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Non-Traditional Gift Ideas for Groomsmen

When you’re looking into groomsmen gift ideas it can be hard finding something unique AND useful. We are here to help you think outside the box with some non-traditional gift ideas that they will use more than once! 

1. Decanter and glass set- Something timeless that can be used for life is a decanter and glass set for spirits. This is a gift you can get away without customizing or adding a personal touch for each groomsmen-saving you some money!! You can also add an additional gift by including a bottle of whiskey!

2. Wallet- Everyone has a wallet- but it’s always nice to have options. Wallets are like purses to men; they like to accessorize too. We love these Ridge Wallets, they are smaller than a normal wallet but still fit up to 12 cards and cash! Your groomsmen will love this!

3. Gift Box- With all these gift ideas you need something to put them in! A wood box is another reusable gift idea! You can also go to your local cigar shop to add a special flare of vintage manliness with a repurposed wooden cigar box.

4. Matching socks- Everyone loves a good sock pic on their wedding day! Gift your groomsmen with matching socks, maybe even ones that include your face! This simple detail can make for great pictures and an even better gift.

5. Watch- A watch is another gift you could customize to each groomsmen. These could even be worn on the wedding day so they match! Another great element.

6. Cigar cutter & lighter- Cigars make for a great photo oppurtunity during the grooms getting ready moment! Pro-tip: make sure your venue is okay with your groomsmen smoking them on the property beforehand!

7. Beer or wine subscription- If your groomsmen are beer or wine connoisseurs this is a gift that keeps on giving. A month’s subscription to Craft Beer Club or Winc , will go a long way!

8. Custom pocket knife- A unique and functional gift idea for your groomsmen. You can get each knife customized with their initials or name! There are also leather cases you can get for each one.

9. Golf day extrusion- This a great gift idea you could do as a group, maybe even the morning of the wedding!

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