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Non-Traditional Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

When you are looking for gifts for the best gals in your life it can be hard not to buy everything in sight! We are here to help you pick the perfect gift for your perfect gals! If you would like to get your bridesmaids gifts they can reuse, try to avoid getting them gifts that say “Bridesmaid” or “Maid of Honor”. 

  1. Matching Comfies– You can never go wrong with matching Pj sets! Customize them with your wedding colors & their names! If you’re not a Pj wearing gal then go with a robe, you can never have enough robes. A crew neck is also a great idea that can be personalized or not and will definitely get reused!

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2. Travel size jewelry box- Everyone needs a travel size jewelry box so they are not throwing their necklaces in bags they’ll get tangled into.


3. Custom perfume- This is an idea that never crossed our minds until recently and we are OBSESSED. A great website for customizing your own perfume is Scent Crafters.

4. Jewelry- One of the best gifts you can get your bridesmaids is something they can use before and after the wedding! You can never go wrong with matching necklaces and/or earrings.

5. The 5 minute journal- This is a great peaceful and thoughtful gift idea for your bridesmaids!

6. Tote Bag- These bags sure are trending right now! You cannot go wrong with a personalized tote bag. This doesn’t have to say their name, you can include a design that fits them best!

7. Wine Tumblers- You can never have enough tumblers, especially wine ones! These drop proof tumblers make for the perfect reusable gift.

8. Candles- You can never go wrong with candles! Just like the perfume we mentioned previously, you can create your own scent for each one of your bridesmaids. If you want to turn it into a girls day you can even take them to a candle bar!

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