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Love Where You Live- Masters Week Edition

Masters Week in Augusta

Augusta is THE place to be for the first week of April. When the famous azaleas start to bloom, that’s when you know it is almost time for the Renowned Masters Golf Tournament. You can see greenhouses line Washington Road in preparation, with gorgeous greenery in bloom for one very important golf tournament. The city of Augusta transforms into a melting pot of different people and cultures who all have one thing in common- A love for golf. Local businesses and restaurants offer special menu items and merchandise that represent the Augusta National Golf Course. The whole CSRA lights up at night after the tournament, to celebrate our beautiful town. 

The Augusta Migration

Locals in the area will sometimes plan a vacation for Masters week if they cannot snag a golden ticket. Homeowners rent out their houses to either guests who need a place to rest while in Augusta, or to be used as a hospitality house. Schools in the area plan Spring Break to be at the same time as the tournament, so families can travel for the week. Most families leave the area to avoid Washington Road traffic, and take advantage of renting their home for a “paid vacation”. This is a unique and fun tradition for most families in Augusta. 

The Hospitality

Hospitality Houses are common during Masters Week in Augusta, Georgia. These locations are filled with visitors from all over the world, ready to receive their badge to watch famous golfers like Tiger Woods, Shane Lowry, and Daniel Berger- just to name a few. The Summer House Realty Venue is a hospitality house for the first time in 2022. The unique, newly-built space is a glimpse into the future of the modernization of Augusta. The White two-story building with a rooftop lounge and large portal windows sits right across the street from the Augusta National Golf Club Entrance. Here, Masters Week hospitality guests can enjoy the rooftop or downstairs fireplace while they have breakfast and receive their Augusta National badges. 

More about Summer House Realty and Washington Road written by the Augusta Chronicle:   

The Course

When people talk about walking into the gates of the 27-hole Augusta National Golf Course, they often describe it as being “breathtaking”, “like a dream”, “like I walked into heaven”, “it was so beautiful that I choked up”. These are just a few of the phrases that guests and locals will use when describing the Masters course. And if you’re thinking “is it really THAT beautiful?” We are here to tell you that it is. The course was founded by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts, and designed by Bobby Jones and Alister MacKenzie. The course was opened in 1932, and has hosted the Masters Tournament since 1934. It is well-known to be a flawless course, where staff is carefully handpicked to maintain every aspect of inside the gates. The pine straw and sand is even imported, to ensure that everything is absolutely perfect. Azaleas are signature plantings for the Masters Tournament, where they were in full bloom for Augusta in the 2022 tournament. There are about 30 different varieties of these gorgeous flowers just on the 13th hole. 

More About the Augusta National Course Here:

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