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Is Buying a House Without a Real Estate Agent a Good Idea?

If you’re in the market for a new home, you may be curious as to what the pros and cons are if you forgo a real estate agent. It’s certainly not for everyone, as it may add additional stress to an already stress-inducing process.

Opting out of the traditional real estate agent-led process may result in saving money on fees and commissions. However, these fees can save a lot of headaches down the line if you don’t know what you’re doing.

For those unsure whether or not they could reasonably go through the process of purchasing a home without the first-hand knowledge that a realtor provides, below is a list of scenarios where it may be doable.

When Can Foregoing a Realtor Be a Good Idea?

Buyers may not feel that they need the professional help of a licensed real estate agent. Though the vast majority of buyers rely on the help of such an agent, the process can be done without one. Some common scenarios where the buying party may choose to go it alone include:

You’re an Agent or Have an Agent Relative

Of course, if you are a licensed real estate agent or have access to a close relative who’s an agent, you probably won’t feel the need to work alongside another one. You know the process’s ins and outs and how to find the best listings.

However, if you’re new to an area, you may find it helpful to walk through the process with a local agent who’s familiar with the city.

You’re Directly Connected to the Seller

If a house is being sold within the family, it may not be necessary to involve the help and extra cost of hiring an agent. The key factor here is to ensure that the price has been agreed upon and all necessary paperwork has been filled out and filed correctly.

You may run across a similar scenario if you’re purchasing a home from a trusted neighbor. It would still be advisable to consult a lawyer and conduct a title search. Also, you won’t want to skip the home inspection.

Why Opting for a Realtor Is a Good Idea for Most Homebuyers

If you’re new to purchasing properties, you may find yourself quickly overwhelmed with everything that goes into such a deal. To help you navigate the sometimes-tricky process, a real estate agent is there to guide you and show you the ropes.

When considering whether or not to use an agent, buyers should take the time to understand what they’ll be missing.

Finding a Home Can Be Time Consuming

In the modern age of the Internet, it may sound straightforward to simply look at homes available for sale during your lunch break and bookmark the ones you’re most interested in. However, the process can take a lot of time and unlike your agent, you likely don’t have hours a day to dedicate to such a search.

In a hot market, you may need to act within hours, and that’s where a good agent comes in. They can find a potential home, schedule a tour, and write up some paperwork before you’ve even finished your morning meeting.

They Have Access to More Listings

While many listings are available for the public to see on sites such as Zillow, real estate agents have access to off-market listings (pocket listings or quiet listings). They also have software that allows them to efficiently search through all of the available homes on the market at any given time.

They’re Local Experts

Any good real estate agent should know their market backward and forward. They’ll be able to give you statistics on the local school districts, neighborhood amenities, and crime rates for a given area of town. Granted, you could research all of this information on your own, but it would be time-consuming.

The Home Buying Process Can Be Complicated

With so many rules and regulations to follow, the process of buying a home is much more confusing than, say, purchasing a vehicle. To ensure you’re not missing a key detail, your agent can walk you through everything step-by-step and help you to save money along the way by avoiding any costly mistakes.

There is so much industry jargon to decipher and rules and regulations that can vary from county to county, and your agent can guide you through the entire process, as they’ve likely done it a hundred times.

They’ll Take Care of the Negotiating

Unless your job requires negotiating frequently, an agent is probably better at it than you are. They know all of the right things to say, to the right people, and at the right time. They can write up an iron-clad offer on the home of your dreams and include any reasonable contingencies along with it.

When dealing with such large sums of money, homebuyers may find themselves getting emotional about the negotiating process, which is where a good agent comes in. They can keep a cool head and ensure that they stay within the financial budget boundaries that have been discussed beforehand.

Can You Manage Without a Real Estate Agent?

While purchasing a home may be manageable in some scenarios, buyers often prefer to have a trusted local agent at their side throughout the process. After all, they’re legally required to act in your best interests — so what is there to lose?

For most people, buying a home is the most expensive financial decision they’re going to make in their lifetime, so it’s usually a good idea to have an expert in your corner.

At Summer House Realty we always strive to make sure everything we do is in your best interest. If you are looking to purchase a new home or sell an existing home, our experienced agents can help you through the entire process. If you would like to discuss your real estate needs and how we can assist you then contact one of our offices (Amelia Island, FL: 904.557.3020 or Augusta, GA: 706.955.6436) to speak with an experienced agent.

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