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How to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal When Selling

When you are ready to sell your home, curb appeal should be the priority. When individuals visit your home, the first glimpse they get is that of the outside. Therefore, in order to attract more prospective buyers, upgrading the exterior of your home is a priority.  The good news is that doing so can be affordable, and will increase the value of your home significantly. Below are the best ways to increase your curb appeal without breaking the bank.

Go Green

One of the most impactful ways to boost curb appeal is to add some fresh flowers and greenery. Adding window boxes and some planters is a simple way to accomplish this. Be sure to accentuate key visual points such as entryways and windows. If space is limited, use a shepherd’s hook with hanging plants, for multiple levels of greenery. Adding a few beautiful arrangements will significantly add to the home’s value, can be completed in a very short amount of time, on a limited budget, and can be done without outside help.

Replace or Paint the Front Door

Doors that blend into the house or are worn out can be an eyesore.  For the price of a can of paint and some brushes, you can increase your home’s curb appeal easily.  When picking a color, go bold.  Red, blue, and yellow doors stand out from the rest of your house and make a statement and accentuate the entryway.  If you’re not the best at color matching, use one of the many front door painting apps to let you virtually test out a variety of colors. If painting isn’t an option or the door is especially worn, you might want to replace the door which has the added effect of improving the entire house’s energy efficiency, security, and appearance. Garage doors can also affect the first impression of a home.  If possible, update them as well or at least give them a thorough cleaning.

Make Sure Your Lawn is Well Kept

It is essential to take good care of your lawn for effective curb appeal. Mowing the grass, edging, pulling weeds, and raking off leaves are simple housekeeping tips everyone should be doing regardless of whether or not they are selling their home. Provided that someone has been keeping up with the landscaping, it won’t become a massive project in a time of selling. However, if years of neglect have caused the lawn to be beyond repair, it may make sense to hire a professional landscaper who can reseed, fertilize, and repair your lawn.

Revitalize your Porch

If your home has a porch, this is another area that is bound to either attract, or deter, potential buyers. If your porch requires some TLC, updating it is important. Safety railings, new paint, and screening are simple ways to make your home appear more welcoming. When in doubt, walk the neighborhood for ideas, or log on to a site such as Pinterest for extra inspiration.

Enhanced Lighting

At night, nothing says welcoming better than a well-lit entryway. Enhancing your outdoor lighting makes the home appear well cared for and improves security. Utilizing LED lights and motion sensors is an energy-efficient strategy that can impress potential home buyers and make your home safer.  The built-in illumination, string lights, paver lights, or any other method of illumination can create outdoor living spaces that are inviting and cozy for the family and prospective buyers.

Exterior Updates

An attractive coat of paint will easily improve your home’s appearance. Replace old siding and consider repainting the wood trim, as well as cleaning the windows and siding for a clean and refreshing look. Masonry veneers are among the most remarkable ways of updating any home’s appearance to increase its curb appeal. Also, making necessary repairs provides the impression of a well-maintained home, and that is one of the most sought-after qualities in a home that buyers are looking for.

Enhancing your home’s market value and making it desirable for potential buyers to feel welcomed is possible, with a little work. Prioritize what is most needed in your home, and before you know it, the neighbors will notice the impact of your hard work and buyers will be knocking on your door to make an offer.

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