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How Real Estate Businesses Are Operating Remotely

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S. earlier this year, the real estate market was looking hopeful, particularly for sellers. However, the uncertainty of the market has now affected how real estate businesses operate, as real estate businesses begin to look toward more remote operations.

Problems that Real Estate Businesses Face

As the fears around the coronavirus began to spread, the real estate market quickly slowed. Both buyers and sellers alike began to withdraw from the market, as more people grew reluctant to physically enter or allow anyone to enter their homes.

As nationwide stay-at-home orders initiated, many realtors worked fast to capture images and video footage of homes on the market. In fact, at Summer House Realty our realtors adapted by providing virtual tours for buyers to keep them from having to enter the home.

The Shift to Remote Operation for Real Estate Businesses

Many real estate agents are used to working remotely which is why we have been able to adapt quickly to the changing needs of our clients’. Whether it is Zoom meetings, online contracts, or virtual showings, we have the tools and resources to help all our clients inquire, view, and purchase the home of their dreams without ever having to leave the comfort of their current home.

We Are Well Adapted to Virtual Transactions

All real estate agents are accustomed to working from their phones and laptop/tablets. Whether you want to schedule showings, submit offers, sign contracts, set up inspections, or anything else related to a real estate transaction, we are prepared and equipped to work virtually. If you are in the market to sell your home or purchase a new home, Summer House Realty is here to help you through the entire process.

The Market Will Recover

If you are in the market to sell your home, you may be thinking to yourself the timing could not be worse. We completely understand your concerns, however, there is also an opportunity with the current market conditions. Many sellers are holding back from listing their homes until the quarantine is loosened. This means there is a limited inventory on the market. The less inventory the better opportunity you have to sell your home based on current demand.

Why Choose Summer House Realty?

Our agents are collaborative, sincere, and will work hard to get all the answers our clients need about moving to this area or the property of interest.

Our agents have great attitudes, skills, and a passion for real estate. Our culture is collaborative, high-energy, and tech-forward to provide our clients with a top-shelf experience and our agents with streamlined transactions. If you would like to speak with or schedule a virtual showing, call us today at (904) 557-3020.

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