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Four Reasons You’ll Regret Not Hiring a Real Estate Agent

When everybody is trying to get the best possible deal, it’s difficult to know what you’re getting into when you’re buying or selling a house. It can be less overwhelming when you are working with an experienced agent.

If you decide not to hire an agent, it can easily turn out to be your biggest regret. Here are some reasons you won’t want to skip finding the right agent. 

Selling Your House May Take a While 

While you might already be thinking about how you’ll go about impressing buyers that come looking, you may fail to realize that there are days when not a single buyer will come. Not every house that enters the market will be welcomed with lots of enthusiasm, and even those that are initially popular can lose some of their charm as time goes by for many different reasons. 

If you want to sell your house as quickly as possible, you can benefit a lot from the experience of a real estate agent. An agent will have a better understanding of what buyers expect and how to meet these expectations so that your home doesn’t sit on the market. 

You May Settle for a Bad Deal

The property market can be a treacherous place for inexperienced buyers and sellers. Experienced investors have many tricks that they can use to get you to settle for a worse deal than you should. If you thought not hiring a real estate agent will save you money, it could actually cost you more. Agents know how to handle the market and when a deal isn’t right for you. They will also negotiate on your behalf to help you get the best deal.

You May Miss Out

If you’re looking to buy a house, one of the main challenges is knowing where to look. The house of your dreams may be one block away from the house you end up buying simply because you don’t know the neighborhood. Hiring a local agent will make it less likely for you to miss out on the ideal buy.

Buying and Selling Is a Lot of Work 

Want proof? Look into our guide to selling your home for more details. A quick-hitting summary:

There are many things that need to be done before the process of buying or selling a house has been completed. It helps a lot to have someone who knows the process and what’s needed. Without a real estate agent, you’ll have to devote a lot more time to this process. 

In short, hiring a real estate agent helps take the burden off of you during the buying and selling process. A real estate agent takes care of everything for you. A few of the more important tasks include:

  1. Staging and photos
  2. Market research to find out the value of your home
  3. Marketing of the property across multiple channels
  4. Networking with other Realtors to find the right buyer for your home
  5. Setting up 1 on 1 showings and open house showings
  6. Negotiating price on your behalf
  7. Handling of contracts
  8. Setting up of inspections, and closing date with Title Company

When you think of all of the potential pitfalls of not being represented by an agent, it’s no wonder the standard choice is to hire a real estate agent. At Summer House Realty we help all of our clients navigate the process of selling or buying a new home. If you are in need of an experienced real estate agent to assist you in your next real estate endeavor, contact us today for a free consultation. With two convenient locations and 30+ real estate agents we can help you with selling your existing home or the purchasing of a new home.