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Characteristics an Effective Real Estate Agent Should Have

In today’s market, real estate agents are crucial if you want to sell your home for the best price possible or buy a home you’ll enjoy for years to come. While not every agent can help you with this endeavor (due to their lack of experience), there are certain characteristics that make a great real estate agent.

Effective real estate agents are driven to get results.

One characteristic effective real estate agents have is a strong drive to succeed. An example of being driven is an agent who finds a property that’s a great fit for a client but isn’t yet on the market. The agent will research ways to bring the owner of that property into negotiations with the client and work hard to make it happen. Such drive is important in a real estate agent because you want an agent who won’t give up when things get tough or stop looking after they’ve found a few properties that might fit your requirements.

Effective real estate agents are knowledgeable about their field and the real estate market.

Your real estate agent should have extensive knowledge of the area you’re considering. They should not only tell you where local grocery stores are and how long it takes to get to work, but also point out neighborhoods that are historically quiet, or areas undergoing development. An effective agent will also know about upcoming school construction projects and any local events that might affect your living situation once you move in.

A good real estate agent will also stay up on trends in the market, so they can advise you if now is a good time to buy or sell a home. Look for an agent who has a deep understanding of housing values and what they might mean for potential buyers. They should be able to discuss if property taxes may increase significantly in the next few years and explain why that’s important information for you to know.

While this one may seem obvious, it’s still worth mentioning: an effective real estate agent needs to know how the industry works. Real estate agents don’t just list houses — they need an expansive view of their role as intermediaries between homeowners and potential buyers. An effective realtor knows how to write contracts, follows inspections, and coordinates with attorneys or surveyors when necessary.

Good real estate agents are patient.

Patience is an essential tool for an agent, and the most successful agents are masters of it. Though patience may seem like something you’re simply born with or without, studies show that people can cultivate it over time. Patience is necessary because the real estate market is unpredictable, and things don’t always go smoothly. Your agent needs to handle a range of personalities, as well as stressful and unexpected situations. It may require multiple trips to numerous properties before you find the right one, so a patient real estate agent is a must.

Effective real estate agents hold themselves accountable.

Good real estate agents hold themselves responsible for their actions. If they make a mistake, they’ll own it and work to find the best possible solution, instead of blaming someone else. An effective real estate agent will be honest in all their business dealings. They should have a stellar reputation in terms of honoring contracts and treating customers fairly.

Good real estate agents are kind and thoughtful.

When communicating with an agent, you want to feel they understand. It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting your first rental or buying your second home; a good agent should be able to relate. Kindness and empathy go a long way in this regard.

When someone is kind, it makes them easier for others to trust. If an agent is kind, it means they can communicate with you in ways that are honest and considerate of your best interests. If an agent seems impatient or unkind toward you, he or she probably isn’t the right match for helping you find a place.

A real estate agent should be trustworthy.

A real estate agent should be a trusted advisor. If you’re not comfortable with the individual you’ve chosen to work with, it’s likely your relationship will soon sour.

Trust is an important quality in any person, especially when it comes to money and property. As a potential home buyer or seller, you need an agent to be honest and transparent about the process and what’s happening along the way. Honesty builds trust by letting clients know exactly what they’re getting into — and when things don’t go as planned (as they often don’t), honesty also helps build understanding and forgiveness on their end.

The opposite of trust is distrust, something no one wants to experience in a relationship with anyone they work with. Distrust can lead to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, negative experiences, and lawsuits (or at least legal conversations). Trust issues arise from being dishonest or shady or breaking promises, whether intentionally or not.

An effective real estate agent is experienced.

Experience is important for real estate agents because it translates into expertise. An experienced agent is someone who has navigated both good markets and bad markets and knows what works. When a good agent has years of experience, they will have seen the same scenarios repeat over time, and they can help you in ways that less experienced agents won’t.

So how do you know if a real estate agent is experienced? Check their bio or look at reviews online to see if they’ve been working in real estate for several years. It’s not always necessary that they have 10-plus years’ worth of experience. You just want to make sure they have enough expertise in the areas that matter to you, like selling homes with pools in your area or helping first-time home buyers find their dream home.

An effective real estate agent should be tech-savvy.

The real estate business is continuously adopting new technology, and successful agents never fall behind. They have the best mobile devices to show listings and access information “on the fly.” They’re usually savvy about using social media and have their own website where they share listings.

Some websites not only allow you to search through all listings in a region but also allow you to compare them using specific parameters like price range or school district. In addition, some sites allow buyers/renters and sellers/landlords to rate the agents they work with, so others can read about past experiences — both good and bad — before deciding whether they want to give an agent their business.

Effective real estate agents are optimistic.

One of the most important characteristics of an effective real estate agent is optimism. A relentless optimist will bring a great attitude to not only work and house hunting, but also better results during negotiations. Optimism is highly contagious, and it’s easy to understand why that would be useful for someone whose job involves working with clients day in and day out. The best part is that a positive outlook on life isn’t just helpful for you; it’s also self-fulfilling. If you’re trying to sell your home or looking for a new one, this is exactly the kind of energy you want around you.

The Bottom Line

Great real estate agents are skilled negotiators and problem solvers, and they thrive on finding solutions for their clients. If you want an agent who listens to you, learns about your desires, and offers the best results possible, choose a realtor with these characteristics. Read reviews and get recommendations from trusted sources. At Summer House Realty we have some of the most experienced and successful agents in Amelia Island, FL, and Augusta, GA. If you are interested in selling a home or buying a home, contact Summer House Realty today to speak with one of our agents at 904.557.3020 (Amelia Island) or 706.955.6436 (Augusta, GA).

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