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Renovation Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value

Renovating your home can make it more enjoyable for you … and increase your home’s value!

Unclear where to start, or want a few ideas? Here’s some renovations worth investigating further, and be sure to reach out to our Augusta or Amelia Island offices when you’re reading to sell your home:

Nail the first impression.

The first impression occurs when the buyer drives up to your property. So, let’s focus on the exterior – especially the front.

Taking the time to landscape your lawn and ensuring it is well-maintained can help improve the buyers’ interest in the home. Just like with interior design trends, landscaping trends come and go. Choosing trendy features or something you enjoy may not give the best return on investment (ROI) when it comes to increasing your home value.

Consider what your ideal home buyer will want. A family with children may not want to maintain a koi pond you installed due to maintenance and hazard risks. The gazebo may take up too much space for a buyer that wants to enjoy the yard.

At a minimum, make sure any grass and/or plants are properly trimmed, gutters are cleaned, the driveway and walkways and clear, mailbox is proper and doesn’t need a fresh coat of paint, and windows are cleaned. Touch up any areas missing paint, as well.

Ideally, pressure wash the exterior and any walkways – buyers and realtors notice!

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The Kitchen

One of the most popular rooms in the home, and often a point of focus for buyers on whether to make an offer. In fact, per a Rocket Homes survey, 55% said a good kitchen could convince them to buy a home they otherwise would pass on.

But, what renovations will set you up for success?

Updating the kitchen does not mean turning it into a top-of-the-line professional kitchen. Installing mid-range fixtures, is shown to have a better ROI than installing all-new luxury appliances. Updating the cabinets or countertops, changing out the light fixtures and other smaller adjustments can give you a better return than a total remodel.

The Bathroom(s)

Replacing worn-out items, modernizing features, and making things more functional can increase the value of your home. But one trend stands out:

Space. Of particular interest:

  • Having enough counter space
  • Two sinks
  • New floors
  • Removing the tub

Large walk-in showers are not only on trend but also create a more accessible space for people in different seasons of life, which expands your possible range of buyers.

An added bonus? According to the National Association of Realtors Remodeling Impact report, 61% of homeowners report having an increased sense of joy after completing a bathroom remodel. Happy days!

Increase Efficiency

Not only are energy-efficient upgrades good for the environment (and some have tax credits, as well) – but buyers increasingly approve of them.

These upgrades can reduce utility bills and maintenance costs, a point any good real estate agent will point out to their clients. This speaks volumes to the maintenance of the home, too.

Try some of these recommendations from the Department of Energy:

  • Upgrade lighting
  • Improve your windows, whether sealing leaks or replacing entirely for an updated look
  • Add insulation where it’s lacking (crawlspace, attic, etc.)
  • Install programmable thermostats

Having your HVAC inspected and keeping that proof of inspection front-and-center also builds confidence for buyers.


Not all home buyers are built the same … and not all homes are built for all buyers.

Choosing to make your home more accessible and functional allows a wider range of buyers to consider placing an offer. We’ve touched on the bathrooms above, but you can take steps around the house as well.

Having a bed and bath on the ground level, having doors that are wide enough for a wheelchair, and including ramp access to the front door are a few ways to create easier living for all walks of life and invite more buyers to explore.


“Of course,” you probably just thought, “doesn’t everyone?”

Actually, no! And many should.

Did your kid choose to paint their walls a color only a middle schooler could love? Did you try a trend that’s already outdated?

Or, perhaps it’s been over a decade since your walls were touched up? (This happens more than you might think).

Painting may be a cost-efficient way to increase home value for two reasons:

  • The experience makes a buyer know they don’t need to paint when they move in. That’s a nice-to-have for many.
  • A neutral coat of paint helps buyers see themselves in the home more easily.

It’s worth the investment!

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