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Technology and Real estate

How Technology has Shaped Real Estate

The impact of technology on the real estate sector is far-reaching. From the way properties are listed and marketed to how transactions are concluded, technology is playing a major role in reshaping the industry.

With this shift comes opportunities for property owners, developers, investors, and agents alike to increase efficiency while reducing costs.

Only-only brokerages

These brokerages have made it easier for buyers and sellers to connect, and some are flush with cash to make cash offers on a bounty of homes available.

But they have also had some negative consequences.

They have reduced the need for experienced agents and brokers, leaving many professionals feeling uncertain about their future in the industry. Remember, agents are people with families, too!

In addition, these online services often lack personalized customer service – which can lead to buyers or sellers being taken advantage of when they’re in need of assistance or have high-priority questions.

Faster signing

Platforms like PandaDoc and DocuSign make getting paperwork signed by all relevant parties far faster than “the olden days” – as long as the realtor is tech-savvy.

There’s nothing worse than waiting for a document in your inbox, only to hear your realtor asking if you could stop by the office to sign something. (It happens more than you’d think.)

Having digital copies also makes it easier for everyone to have access to the important paperwork at any time.

Of course, one other concern is…

Greater need for security

Those digital documents contain many important pieces of information, such as Social Security Numbers or banking information.

Any signing platform should have best-in-class security already enabled, but all parties who have access have responsibilities, too, such as:

  • Maintaining a strong password to prevent login hacking
  • Storing files securely on their computer or hard drive
  • Regularly having their computer checked for malware or viruses that could compromise business dealings

The bottom line

In today’s digital world, it’s essential for real estate companies to embrace technology in order to remain competitive. However, while technology can provide a powerful tool set for businesses, it is important to remember that the human element of connection should never be lost.

At Summer House, we have embraced technology and used it to our advantage while still maintaining a focus on providing our clients with the personal touch they need when finding their dream home.

Are you looking to connect with a realtor that takes the time to get to know you and your dreams? Do you want to be connected with top agents who are leading the industry? Are you ready to love where you live? Contact us today!

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