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7 Home-Selling Mistakes to Avoid

Selling your home quickly and profitably requires time, focused effort, and a bit of ingenuity. Each decision you make needs to take into account the bare bones of your home as well as the tendencies of average home buyers. Here are seven common home-selling mistakes you should avoid to encourage a faster, more profitable sale. 

Using Dark Colors

Whether you are painting the inside or the outside of your home, you may want to stay away from dark colors. You don’t need to worry about hiding dirt and scuff marks. Clean the walls before you paint, use a base layer, and top with a neutral color. Beige, gray, and bluish-gray provide a touch of color without creating the impression that you are trying to hide something. 

Hiding the Beauty of the Floors

Clearing the clutter in a room allows you to showcase your floors as well as to emphasize the spaciousness of your home. However, you need to do more than allow prospective buyers to view the floors. Before you begin showing your home, take the time to refinish hardwood floors, deep clean carpeting, and polish tile flooring. Doing so not only accentuates the beauty of the flooring, but it also increases the value of your home as well as your asking price.

Updating with Cheap Hardware

While it is important not to update your home with cheap hardware, you should also keep in mind that outdated finishes are just as off-putting. Consider replacing your home’s hardware with new pieces offering a polished chrome or nickel finish.

Landscaping with Fruited Plants and Trees

Low-maintenance landscaping is more enticing than a yard filled with rotting fruit and high-maintenance plants. A well-placed walkway or set of solar lights provides functionality that offers its own sense of appeal. 

Turning a Bedroom into an Office

No matter how many bedrooms your home has, turning one of them into an office may not reap the benefits you are hoping to obtain. New homeowners can easily tackle that task on their own. Keep your bedrooms set up for the purpose they were intended and give prospective buyers a chance to make up their own minds.

Converting the Garage

While the idea of adding living space to your home to give it an edge over the neighbors may seem appealing, it is a bad idea. Most of today’s adults own multiple vehicles, and they want to use the garage for its intended purpose. 

Painting over Brick

As time passes, the paint begins to chip, crack, and peel away from the brick, creating an eyesore that is difficult to ignore. Homeowners are left with two choices – removing the paint or repainting the brick. For some homeowners, neither of these choices are desirable ones. 

Removing paint from brick is difficult. The paint seeps into the pores of the brick. This prevents chemical-based removers from working. It’s important to realize that the remover you use may change the appearance of the brick beneath the paint. Once the brick is painted, it never looks the same. 

Selling your home typically takes several months. It can take even longer if you make a few mistakes while preparing your home to sell. Think carefully about every change you intend to make before you complete it. 

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