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Drone in the air inspecting the roof over the house. Close-up of drone and roof.

3 Ways in Which Drone Photos and Videos Can Improve Your Real Estate Listing

Drone photography and video have become popular new ideas to help real estate listings gain attention amid stiff competition. While regular photography tends to show a certain amount of detail, it can leave out considerable portions. Drone photos and video, however, can help fill in these blanks. If you plan to list your home, taking advantage of drone-based aerial photography can help you show potential buyers views of the immediate neighborhood, and the size of your home, among other things. If you’re intrigued by the idea of employing drone photography to boost your listing, what follows are three benefits that such photography can deliver.

Your home will likely sell faster

Whether you’re in a buyer’s market or a seller’s one, there is evidence to suggest that listings featuring aerial photography sell close to 70 percent faster than listings with plain, conventional photography, alone. Hiring an experienced drone photographer may both bring in more views to your listing, and help you sell faster.

A drone can give you otherwise unachievable angles

Homebuyers looking through listings often get tired of the way every listing appears to use the same kinds of photo and video angles. Drones, however, can help you get unique, new angles — whether you’re taking pictures indoors, or outdoors. New angles can help catch the eye, helping particularly well if you have unique features to show off, like wonderful landscaping, a solar-paneled roof, special, imported roof tiles, or a red brick path; even if you don’t have such features, however, new angles could be a good idea simply to help you stand out.

You can feed buyer curiosity about the neighborhood

Buyers often hesitate to go ahead and put in an inquiry about buying a home they like, simply because they aren’t sure about what the neighborhood looks like. Are neighboring houses set too close to your home, are there parks, ponds, and playgrounds nearby, is there plenty of tree cover around, and so on. Drone videos and photos can make it hassle-free for potential buyers to obtain this information, and encourage them to pay greater attention to your listing.

Conventional photography can help sell your home reasonably well, but new home selling trends include virtual 3D walkthroughs and drone photography. These are rapidly becoming attractive features to draw homebuyers in with. It is simply better marketing that encourages visitors to view your listing and stay on your listing for longer. Since drone photography is no longer expensive, it could be a good idea to try it for your home listing.

Why Choose Summer House Realty

At Summer House Realty we take care of everything for you when you are looking to sell your home through us. We have professional photographers and drone operators who will make your home stand out from the rest. Our goal is to sell your home fast and for top dollar. To do this we implement a full marketing strategy that starts off by staging your home, professional photography, and drone footage, as well as distributing your listing to hundreds of online sources to maximize your exposure. We also schedule and promote open house tours for your home. If you are looking to list your Amelia Island or Augusta, Ga home for sale contact us today to speak with one of our real estate agents on how we can help you sell your home. For Amelia Island, residents call us at (904) 557-3020, for Augusta residents call us at (706) 955-6436.