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10 Ways to Spruce Up the Entry of Your House to Attract Buyers

What’s the first and last part of a house potential buyers see when they view it? The entry is a big deal if you want someone to fall in love with your home. The entrance leaves a lasting impression and could make or break whether your house sells. These 10 suggestions will ensure you wow buyers fast.

Get rid of clutter

The first step to creating a terrific entry to your house is to get rid of clutter. Many people store everything from flip-flops to dog towels in the entrance of their homes for convenience. Buyers don’t need to see your collection of shoes and dog toys. Place them out of sight, and they won’t be off-putting.

Remove personal objects

Personal items include objects you enjoy but aren’t necessary at the entrance of your house. You might love your wind chimes hanging on the front porch, but viewers may not feel the same way. Likewise, you might have unique artwork or a sculpture that resides in your home’s entrance.

Though you may like it, it could turn off buyers who may not have the same taste in art or are fans of minimalism. Remove personal objects from the entranceway while your home is for sale. Save them for your new home.

Upgrade lighting

The entry of your house is a prime place to install excellent lighting. A well-lit entrance adds an air of security because it helps people feel safe. It can also make the space feel larger.

Buyers like bright spaces as they can feel inviting. Try switching to a high-efficiency LED bulb or experimenting to match the lighting to the mood you want a buyer to feel once they walk in.

Update paint

Peeling, flaky paint makes your home look unloved and in poor condition. Give the front door, and entrance hallway a new touch of paint to freshen their appearance. Use a light color to amplify the entryway’s brightness and make it look fresh and airy.

Clean windows

Whether your home’s entrance includes a glass-paneled front door or porch window, clean it. Clean glass lets in light and creates an ambiance of space. Dirty glass can make the entryway appear dim and uninviting. It can also create the impression you neglect your home.

Clear the gutters

Remove leaves and other debris from your home’s gutters. They won’t overflow if it rains when viewers visit, and you don’t want buyers to see weeds growing in them anyway, regardless of the weather.

A roof and gutters full of leaves leave an impression of a neglected home and yard – and you can be a buyer will look up as they’re walking in to check.

Tidy plants around the entry

Do you keep plant pots and hanging baskets at the entrance of your house? Monitor them and make sure they stay in tiptop condition. Plants often look terrific at certain times of the year and wane at others. Remove dead leaves, poor quality foliage, and upgrade pots if they aren’t attractive.

Add new door fixtures

Rusty metal door fixtures are an eyesore. If your door handle looks old, replace it with a fresh, up-to-date one that’s a pleasure to use and view. Consider whether the front door lock needs an upgrade, too. Show buyers your house is not an easy target for burglars.

Secure the walkway

Get rid of tripping hazards like children’s toys, bulky doormats, and planters that protrude. The entrance to your home should be easy to navigate and clear of obstacles. If your hat-stand or bookcase sticks out into the hallway, move it somewhere else while your house is for sale.

Make the entrance area welcoming

The best way to make a welcoming entrance depends on its layout and where you live. Hanging a large mirror might make the entry look more spacious. If there’s room for a small table you can dispay an impressive vase of flowers from your garden.

Spruce up the entry of your house, and you will attract buyers. By following these tips, you will get rid of eyesores, add freshness and the illusion of space, and create a positive impression.

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