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10 Points Every Home Buyer Should Discuss with Their Realtor

A realtor’s primary job is simply to match home buyers with houses that fit their budgets, needs, and wants. However, if you don’t tell your realtor what you’re looking for, it makes their job virtually impossible. Below we have listed 10 issues every homebuyer needs to discuss with their realtor.

(1) Purchasing Power

Give yourself a financial reality check before hiring a realtor. Visit your desired lending institution and acquire a preapproval letter. This letter typically states the maximum amount you can borrow from them for your new home. Let your realtor know the house price range you’re comfortable in purchasing. Also, give them a copy of your preapproval letter to show you’re a serious buyer with financial purchasing power.

(2) Deal Breakers

Perhaps there is something that you despise in a home, or on the flip side, something that you must-have in your future home. Let your real estate agent know upfront about anything that would prevent you from purchasing a particular home. It’s a waste of your time and that of your realtor searching for and viewing homes that have specific deal breakers for you.

(3) Preferred Location

Relay to your realtor where you would like to purchase your new home. For example, do you want to be inside a particular city, on some acreage in the country, or somewhere in between? Also, how far do want to live from your job, and is there a specific school district that you want for your kids?

(4) Contingency Issues

If you need to sell the home you’re living in before you can afford the down payment for a new residence, tell this to your realtor. They can help you sell your current home as well as purchase your new house. If your agent thinks your existing home will sell quickly, they may help you look for a new place to live even before your current one sells.

(5) Desired Timeline

Let your realtor know the timelines you have in mind regarding a new home. This includes shopping for, buying, closing, and moving into your new residence. For instance, if you don’t want to move until a year from now, it’s useless to start house shopping with a realtor next week.

(6) Personal Wish List

Write down a wish list of items you’d like to see in your new home and give it to your realtor. These are not deal breakers but things you’d enjoy in a new house. The list gives them a good idea of home-related specialty items that are important to you. It might be a man cave, art studio, workshop, outdoor kitchen, a specific number of bedrooms or bathrooms, or a pool.

(7) DIY Interest

When a fixer upper fits your housing budget and construction skills, you need to convey that message to your real estate agent. Likewise, if you have absolutely no interest in do-it-yourself projects, let your realtor know that information. It makes no sense for a realtor to show you homes that may need to be remodeled, when you are only interested in homes that are move-in ready.

(8) Floor Plan Preference

You might already have a specific floor plan in your mind for a new home. Express the house floor plan you prefer to your realtor so they can include that in the search for your ideal home. If you want a mother-in-law suite or a spacious open floor plan, make sure your agent knows what you have in mind.

(9) HOA Factors

A homeowner’s association can offer several neighborhood amenities, such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, golf course, or playground. However, these amenities do come at a cost to each homeowner. Let your real estate agent know whether you’re open to the option of living in an HOA community, as well as the monetary limit you want to spend on associated dues.

(10) Longevity Concerns

Real estate agents are typically aware of neighborhoods that are highly sought after, as well as those that are stagnant or declining in popularity. Tell your realtor if you’re concerned about resale value in your new home search. Are you looking for a starter home that you plan to sell in a few years? Or, maybe you want your forever home

The more information you can provide to your real estate agent concerning your new home search, the better equipped they’ll be to find a house that you’ll love. Use the list above as check-off list to discuss with your agent. Creating this list for your realtor can assure both of you that you’re on the same page from the beginning regarding your new home search. 

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